Quick questions on Pen Modding

How do I remove grips?
  • Slide a paperclip around underneath.
  • Submerge grip in hot water until it expands and slides off. The grip will shrink as it cools.
  • Crush the pen underneath if you don't need it, remove grip from crushed pen.
  • Wrap grip with a towel, pull really hard.
  • Lift an edge of the grip and spray with WD-40, wrap grip with towel, pull grip off.

How to remove the G2 grip: by Guitrum


How to remove the G2 clip: By Guitrum


How to cut a G2 section: By Guitrum


What do I use to cut barrels?
  • Wire cutters
  • X-acto knife
  • Hacksaw

How do I keep the metal HGG tip attached to the plastic RSVP tip?
  • Just screw the tip right onto the plastic.
  • Wrap teflon tape around the plastic tip, screw the metal tip into the tape. (Teflon tape is used to insulate plumbing, it's stretchy)

How do I remove the colored clip ring on the back of the G2?
  • Break the clip off so that there is a U-shaped hole at the top of the band. Pull the rest of the band off.

What is a BICssa?
  • BICssa is an old name for a BICtory that has a black barrel and white caps, similar to a Comssa. We don't use this name anymore. Just call them all BICtories.

What are the dimensions of an insert for the RSVP barrel?
  • Width: 9cm
  • Height: 3.81cm
  • COP is located 4cm from the "back" side (where the RSVP cap will be located).
  • Only 1/2 of the insert (vertically) will be visible when the insert is rolled up.
  • Only 1/4 of the insert will be visible at any time when looking straight on at the insert.

How do I empty a G2 barrel?
  1. Take the tiny plug out of the back of the G2 Refill
  2. Fill the sandwich bag with some water (not too much)
  3. Place the G2 Refill inside the sandwich bag and hold it from outside the sandwich bag.
  4. Using pliers, press, hold, and twist off the tip of the G2 refill (FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE SANDWICH BAG) and let the ink come out. (You might want to leave the area and come back in a few hours if you want to make sure all of it gets out.)
  5. Run some water through the g2 refill and clear it of any ink marks.
  6. Now the glue will be inside the g2 refill. Using a barbeque stick, push through the g2 refill and try to push the glue out. The glue is very sticky so avoid getting it on your skin.
  7. Run some more water through the g2 refill and clear out anything left inside with the barbeque stick.

How do I properly insert a paper insert into a barrel?
  1. Roll the insert around the inktube.
  2. Slide the rolled insert into the barrel.
  3. Use the inktube to nudge the insert into place.

How do I balance my Comssa Mod?
  • Shove a bit of paper into the lighter side until it all balances out.

How do remove the writing on a RSVP barrel?
  • Use an eraser to rub off the writing. Silver writing (Fine line) comes off more easily than Gold writing (Medium line).

What is a good length for a finished pen mod?
  • To start, a mod should be about the same distance between the top of the wrist and the tip of your Middle finger. Anything shorter or longer than that is up to you. Generally, the longer the length beyond this measurement, the more likely it is that you will recieve negative comments about the mod being too longer. In the end though, it is all personal preference.

Which Signo tip should I use for the BICtory mod?
  • Any Signo tip that has a "lip" at the bottom should work. The tip will not slide over the BIC cap, you need to use a grip (and maybe tape) to hold the tip onto the end of the cap.

What size G2 pen should I buy?
  • It depends on what you want. The 0.5 size has a clear barrel that is better for inserts, the 0.7 size has a tinted barrel.

How remove an eraser to add it to the back of a pencil without ruining anything?
  • Twist the eraser untill the seal breaks then put it on the other pencil and pinch it so it holds.
  • Cut some of the wood underneeth of the metal it slips it off, shave down the part where the eraser will go until metal piece fits snugly.

How do remove the back plug of a Bic Round Stic or Bic Stip Grip?
  • Take pliers or scissor and gently squeeze the barrel until you hear cracking, that's the seal being broken.
  • Boil some water to melt the glue.

  1. Place the barrel over the skewer
  2. Hold both the barrel and skewer in the air
  3. Let go of the skewer and slam the barrel down to the ground
  4. The skewer should force the back plug off of the barrel.

How do I unscrew a HGG tip from a ComSsa cap?
  • Grab a HGG grip, hold it tightly around the tip and screw it off.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the tip and unscrew it.
  • Wrap shirt around tip and pull.

How do you remove a G3 grip?
  • Slide something underneath the grip

Any tips on cutting Anyball / Profile / Star Gel Max grips?

How do fix loose caps?
  • Wrap clear tape around the barrel underneath the cap.

How do remove the glue from an RSVP cap that has a barcode sticker?
  • Acetone
  • Grab a sticker and use it to pull the glue off.

How do I keep a HGG tip on the black Comssa cap?
  • Wrap clear tape around the nub before screwing on the tip.
  • See this thread
The above is an extract from http://www.upsb.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=9